Training Programmes for Bankers

Training Programmes for Bankers

Within the framework of AZAFF, the following training programmes are offered to the partner financial institutions:

Agricultural Marketing & Sales Training Programme (2 days)

The training programme is designed for relationship managers / loan officers responsible for agriculture banking activities and aims to introduce specifics of agricultural enterprises, improve marketing & sales skills of participants, acquire new agri-lending potential via new customers and assess cross-selling opportunities to existing customers. “Developing strong customer relationship skills” and “learning how to use the consultative sales approach” are the key components of the program. The program is supported with real life case studies and role-plays.  

Agricultural Lending Training Programme (3 days)

The training programme is designed to familiarize the relationship managers / loan officers with agricultural economy and lending to this sector including various agricultural activities i.e. crop production, dairy farming, cattle fattening etc. agreed with the financial institution. It pays special attention to identification of working capital needs in agriculture and conducting financial analysis of producers.

AzALES Training (1 day)

AzALES training program aims to introduce AzALES and familiarize the potential users. The program is delivered both as classroom and on-the-job trainings.

Agricultural Project / Investment Finance Training (3 days)

The programme comprises the following modules:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of agricultural investment loans;

  • Concept and types of investment;

  • Introduction to agricultural investments;

  • Assessment of agricultural investment, market research, decision processes, planning and feasibility studies;

  • Fixed investment expenses calculations

  • Determination of prices and other parameters, income – expense calculations;

  • Determination of annual working capital need;

  • Preparation of cash flow tables;

  • Equity and collateral in agricultural investment loans;

  • General characteristics of agricultural investments in dairy and livestock production and key points to take into account;

  • Profitability measures in agricultural investments;

  • Documents and information to be asked during agricultural investment loan evaluation;

  • Importance of field visits during agricultural investment loan evaluation;

  • Case studies and projections for various investment types.

Agricultural On-the-job Trainings

In order to transfer the theoretic knowledge delivered during classroom trainings into practice, the AZAFF team organizes comprehensive on-the-job trainings and field coaching activities for the partner financial institutions’ staff. Especially during the loan repayment periods, highly experienced experts coach bankers on understanding the reasons for failure to repay, establishing early warning signals, how to restructure a loan, deciding on maturity and developing ideal repayment schedule, collection and monitoring of agricultural loans. On-the-job trainings also aim at enhancing agricultural marketing and sales skills of the bank staff in the regions. Through on-the-job coaching, the agricultural loan officers at partner financial institutions get accustomed to ways of analyzing target group, defining product characteristics and terms of new and adapted products, evaluation of findings, marketing etc.

Our Partners

The technical assistance funds of the project are provided by the EU Neighborhood Investment Facility.

This project is financed by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The technical assistance services within the project are provided by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.